P. 623 (with art)

Berlin, Antikensammlungen F1147: Middle Corinthian column krater with Achilles and Memnon



Korinth Museum C-1972-149: Late Corinthian column krater fragments with Achilles and Memnon

C.K. Williams et al., “Corinth, 1972: The Forum Area,” Hesperia 42.1 (1973), pl. 3, no. 12B.

Florence, Museo Archeologico 4210: Chalcidian black-figure neck-amphora with Achilles and Memnon

A. Rumpf, Chalkidische Vasen (1927) pl. 1


London, Christie’s Sale July 6, 2016 (once private collection): Tyrrhenian black-figure neck-amphora with combat of Achilles and Memnon over Phokos


Beazley Archive Pottery Database

Throne of Apollo at Amyklai (known through Pausanias’ description and modern reconstructions)

Pausanias Description of Greece 3.18.12:

There is wrought also the single combat of Achilles and Memnon (original Greek).


Reconstruction of whole throne by A. Furtwängler, from J.G. Frazer, Pausanias’s Description of Greece, vol. III, Commentary (2nd ed. 1913), p. 352

Chest of Kypselos from temple of Hera at Olympia (known through Pausanias’ description and modern reconstructions)

Pausanias Description of Greece 5.19.1:

Achilles and Memnon are fighting; their mothers stand by their side (original Greek).

Detail of combat between Achilles and Memnon in presence of their mothers, from reconstruction of chest of Kypselos (lost monument once in temple of Hera, Olympia) by W. von Massow, “Die Kypseloslade,” Mitteilungen des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts, Athenische Abteilung vol. 41 (1916), pl. 1.

Agrigento, Museo Civico: terracotta altar from Agrigento with Achilles and Memnon? 


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