Chapter 16, The Trojan War

Table of Contents

Judgment of Paris, from R.M. Dawkins, The Sanctuary of Artemis Orthia at Sparta (1929), pl. 127

The Trojan Kings (page 557)

The Birth and Childhood of Paris (page 561 lower)

Tyndareos and the Wooing of Helen (page 564 lower)

The Judgment of Paris (page 567)

The Abduction of Helen (page 571 lower)

The First Mobilization at Aulis (page 576 lower)

Iphigeneia and the Second Mobilization at Aulis (page 582 lower)

The Journey to Troy: Philoktetes and Tennes (page 588 lower)

The Landing: Protesilaos, Kyknos, and the Embassy to Troy (page 592 lower)

Achilleus and the Early Years of the War (page 596 lower)

Troilos and Lykaon (page 597 lower)

Palamedes (page 604)

The Actors of the Iliad (page 608 lower)

The Events of the Iliad (page 610 lower)

Penthesileia and Memnon (page 621)

The Death of Achilleus (page 625)

The Fate of Aias (page 629)

The Return of Philoktetes (page 635)

The Last Events before the Sack (page 639 lower)

The Fall of Troy (page 646 lower)

Aftermath: The Recovery of Aithra and Sacrifice of Polyxena (page 657 lower)

Hekabe and Polydoros (page 659 lower)

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