The Battle of Gods and Gigantes (page 445 lower)

Chapter 13: Herakles

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ApB 2.7.1 – Apollodoros, Bibliotheke (Library)

And having laid waste Cos, he came through Athena’s agency to Phlegra, and sided with the gods in their victorious war on the giants.  Greek Text

Od 7.56-60 – Homer, Odyssey

Nausithous at the first was born from the earth-shaker Poseidon and Periboea, the comeliest of women, youngest daughter of great-hearted Eurymedon, who once was king over the insolent Giants. [60] But he brought destruction on his froward people, and was himself destroyed.  Greek Text

Od 7.206 – Homer, Odyssey

for we are of near kin to them, as are the Cyclopes and the wild tribes of the Giants.  Greek Text

Od 10.118-20 – Homer, Odyssey

Then he raised a cry throughout the city, and as they heard it the mighty Laestrygonians came thronging from all sides, [120] a host past counting, not like men but like the Giants.  Greek Text

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