Labor VII: The Kretan Bull (page 394 lower, with art)

Chapter 13: Herakles

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Munich, Antikensammlungen 1407: Attic black-figure amphora with Herakles bringing the Cretan bull to his knees with a rope; his quiver and bow are suspended from a tree and his club is behind his right leg; Iolaos encourages Herakles from left, while holding another club


Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum: Deutschland 3 = Munich 1 (1939), pl. 37.2

Beazley Archive Pottery Database

Digital LIMC

New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art 59.15: Lakonian black-figure cup with  nude, bearded Herakles clasping the neck of the Kretan bull, while an ornamental? Siren on a lotus branch hovers above



Metropolitan Museum

Digital LIMC

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Edited by Frances Van Keuren, Prof. Emerita, Lamar Dodd School of Art, Univ. of Georgia, July 2023

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