P. 559 (with art)

Tarquinia, Museo Nazionale Archeologico, RC 6848.  Attic red figure kylix by Oltos.  Ganymede serving Zeus.  To right Hestia.

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Formerly Berlin, Antikensammlung, F2032.  Attic white ground alabastron by the Diosphos Painter.  Zeus pursuing Gannymede, Tros looks on.

Drawing by F. Lissarrague.

Beazley Archive.

Paris, Musee du Louvre, G123.  Attic red figure kylix by Douris.  Zeus abducts Ganymede. 


Beazley Archive

Olympia, Museum, T2.  Terracotta acroterion.  Zeus and Ganymede.

Odyssey Adventures.

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