The Children of Tyro: Pelias (page 189 lower)

Chapter 5: The Line of Deukalion

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Homer, Iliad 2.711-15

And they that dwelt in Pherae beside the lake Boebeïs, and in Boebe, and Glaphyrae, and well-built Iolcus, these were led by the dear son of Admetus with eleven ships, even by Eumelus, whom Alcestis, queenly among women, bare to Admetus, [715] even she, the comeliest of the daughters of Pelias.  Greek Text

Homer, Odyssey 11.253-57

But she conceived and bore Pelias and Neleus, [255] who both became strong servants of great Zeus; and Pelias dwelt in spacious Iolcus, and was rich in flocks, and the other dwelt in sandy Pylos.  Greek Text

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