The Apotheosis (page 461, with art)

Chapter 13: Herakles

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Hes fr 25.25-33 MW – Hesiod, Ehoiai (Catalogue of Women) Fragmenta Hesiodea, p. 16, ed. R. Merkelbach and M. L. West. Oxford 1967.

And he died and went down into the <much-groaning> house of Hades. But now he is a god, and he has escaped all evils. And he lives in the same place as others having homes on Olympos, immortal and ageless, having fair-ankled Hebe, daughter of great Zeus and golden-sandaled Hera. [30] Before, the white-armed Hera hated him beyond all other gods and mortals; but now she loves him, and honors him above all the other gods after mighty Kronion himself.  (Transl. Timothy Gantz)

Samos, excavation depot.  Orientalizing crater.  Apotheosis of Herakles.

Rome, Museo Nazionale Etrusco di Villa Giulia.  Corinthian aryballos.  Apotheosis of Herakles.

London, British Museum B379.  Attic cup. Apotheosis of Herakles.

British Museum on line

Athens, Acropolis Museum.  Archaic pediment, the “Introduction Pediment.” Apotheosis of Herakles.

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Artistic sources edited by R. Ross Holloway, Elisha Benjamin Andrews Professor Emeritus, Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World, Brown Univ., and Frances Van Keuren, Prof. Emerita, Lamar Dodd School of Art, Univ. of Georgia, September, 2017.

Literary sources edited by Elena Bianchelli, Retired Senior Lecturer of Classical Languages and Culture, Univ. of Georgia, December 2023.

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