P. 316 (only with art)

Aegina, Museum K 253 (cited as “no #”): Protocorinthian black-figure skyphos fragment with Bellerophon, Pegasos and and Chimaira

H. Payne, Necrocorinthia: a study of Corinthian art in the Archaic period (1931), pl. 4.1

Arachne images and information

Boston, Museum of Fine Arts 95.10: Protocorinthian black-figure aryballos with Bellerophon, Pegasos and and Chimaira

A. Fairbanks, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: Catalogue of Greek and Etruscan Vases vol. 1, Early Vases, Preceding Athenian Black-Figure Ware (1928), drawing p. 151


Perseus Image of Boston 9.10

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Museum of Fine Arts

Thasos, Museum Π 2085 (cited as “no #”): Cycladic plate with Bellerophon, Pegasos and Chimaira


Wikimedia Commons image

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Classical Art Research Centre, detail of Chimaira

Boston, Museum of Fine Arts 00.349: Apulian red-figure stamnos with Bellerophon and Proitos

Museum of Fine Arts, image and description (side B)

Naples, Museo Nazionale H2418: Lucanian red-figure amphora with Bellerophon and Proitos


Fig. 146 from Louis Séchan, Études sur la tragédie grecque dans ses rapports avec la céramique (1926)

iconiclimc image

Art Tattler International

Taranto, Museo Archeologico I/96: Apulian red-figure amphora with fall of Stheneboia

Fondazione Santomasi (see top image, amphora to right of central volute krater)

Leningrad/St. Petersburg, Hermitage St 427: forgery of a Lucanian krater with Bellerophon and Stheneboia

Classical Art Research Centre, no. 7 (no image)

Louvre, Paris, CA 4523: Cretan relief pithos with fall of Bellerophon


Wikimedia Commons image

Michael Lahanas image


Edited by Frances Van Keuren, Prof. Emerita, Lamar Dodd School of Art, Univ. of Georgia, December 2017

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