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Athens, National Museum 413.  Attic lekythos.  Apotheosis of Herakles.

Beazley Archive

London, British Museum B424.  Attic cup by the Phrynos Painter.  Herakles, Athena, Zeus.

British Museum online

Orvieto, Museo Faina 78.  Attic amphora by Exekias.  Herakles and gods.

Beazley Archive

New York, Metropolitan Museum 14.105.10.  Attic hydria.  Herakles and gods.

Metropoliitan Museum online


New York, Metropolitan Museum 50.11.7.  Lakonian cup.  Apotheosis of Herakles.

Metropoliitan Museum online

Rome, Museo Nazionale Etrusco di Villa Giulia:  Ionian hydria (Ricci Hydria) with Herakles en route to Olympos

flickr photo by Dan Diffendale

Berlin, Schloss Charlottenburg F2278.  Attic cup by the Sosias Painter.  Apotheosis of Herakles.

E. Gerhard, Griechische und etruskische Trinkschalen des Königlichen Museums zu Berlin (1840), detail of pls. 6-7

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