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Chapter 18: Other Myths

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Paus 10.30.5 – Pausanias, Description of Greece

Beyond these is Maera sitting on a rock. About her the poem Returns says that she was still a maid when she departed this life, being the daughter of Proetus, son of Thersander, who was a son of Sisyphus. Next to Maera is Actaeon, son of Aristaeus, together with the mother of Actaeon; they hold in their hands a young deer, and are sitting on a deer’s skin. A hunting dog lies stretched out beside them, an allusion to Actaeon’s mode of life, and to the manner of his death.  Greek Text

Nostoi fr 6 PEG – Poetae Epici Graeci 1, p. 97, ed. A. Bernabé. Leipzig 1987.

 Σ Od 11.326 – Scholia to Homer, Odyssey – Scholia Graeca in Homeri Odysseam 2, pp. 507-8, ed. W. Dindorf. Oxford 1855.

Maira, daughter of Proitos, son of Thersander, and of Anteia, daughter of Aphianax, was outstanding for her beauty.  As she placed a very high value on her virginity, she used to follow Artemis to the hunt.  Zeus desired her, and he came to her by stealth, and seduced her.  She became pregnant and bore a child, Lokros by name, who dwelt at Thebes with Amphion and Zethos.  The story goes that Maira was shot by the bow of Artemis because of no longer attending at the hunt.  This is told by Pherekydes.  V.  (Transl. Mary Emerson)   Greek Text

Od 11.326 – Homer, Odyssey

And Maera and Clymene I saw, and hateful Eriphyle  Greek Text

Pherekydes 3F170 – Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker 1, pp. 101-2, ed. F. Jacoby, 2d ed. Leiden 1957.

Greek Text

Eu-Od p. 1688 – Eustathios’ commentary on the Odyssey – Eustathii Commentarii ad Homeri Odysseam 1, pp. 420-25. Leipzig 1826.

Greek Text

♠ Py 3.34 – Pindar, Pythian Odes

since the girl lived by the banks of Lake Boebias  Greek Text

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