Eurytos, Iphitos, and Iole (page 435, with art)

Chapter 13: Herakles

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Paris, Musee de Louvre E635.  Corinthian krater, Banquet, Eurytios on of two banqueters to l.,  to r. Iole, standing, and Herakles reclining on kline.

wikimediacommons photo Marie-Lan Nguyen

New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Attic kylix by Onesimos.  Herakles dispute with Klytios.

Metropolitan Museum collection on line

Madrid, National Archaeological Museum 10916.  Attic amphora by the Sappho Painter. Herakles battling the sons of Eurytos.

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum

Private Collection, Basel.  Attic stamnos by the Eucharides Painter. Herakles and the sons of Eurytos.

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Edited by  Frances Van Keuren, Prof. Emerita, Lamar Dodd School of Art, Univ. of Georgia, November, 2017.

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