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Boston, Museum of Fine Arts 99.539, Attic red-figure cup with Peirithoos on interior tondo


Detail of Peirithoos from J.C. Hoppin, Handbook of Attic Red-figured Vases, vol. 2 (1919), 477

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New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art  08.258.21,  Attic red-figure calyx krater with Peirithoos and Theseus in Hades

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Metropolitan Museum of Art


G.M.A. Richter and L.F. Hall, Red-figured Athenian Vases in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (1936), vol. 2, pl. 135


G.M.A. Richter and M.J. Milne, Shapes and Names of Athenian Vases (1935), fig. 57

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iconiclimc (front of krater)

iconiclimc (side of krater)

Paris, Louvre  G341: Attic red-figure calyx krater by the Niobid Painter, Herakles with heroes, among them possibly Theseus and Peirithoos in Hades? (for discussion, see Gantz p. lxxiv, note 29 for p. 294)

A. Furtwaengler and K. Reichhold, Griechische Vasenmalerei: Auswahl hervorragender Vasenbilder (Serie II, 1909), pl. 108

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Naples, Museo Nazionale Archeologico Stg 709, Apulian red-figure volute krater with Theseus and Peirithoos in Hades (see upper right for Peirithoos and lower left for Theseus)


Archäologische Zeitung 1884, pl. 18

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