Pleisthenes (page 555)

Ch. 15: The Line of Tantalos

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♠ Byz Σ Or 812 – Tragicorum Graecorum Fragmenta 4, p. 162, ed. S.L. Radt. Göttingen 1977.

Σ Ai 1297 – Scholia to Sophokles, Aias Scholia in Sophoclis tragoedias vetera, p. 91, ed. P. N. Papageorgius. Leipzig 1888.

Greek Text

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Greek Text

Fab 86 – Hyginus, Fabulae

CHILDREN OF PELOPS: Because Thyestes, son of Pelops and Hippodamia, lay with Aeropa, Atreus’ wife, he was banished from the kingdom by his brother Atreus. But he sent Atreus’ son, Plisthenes, whom he had reared as his own, to Atreus to be killed. Atreus, believing him to be his brother’s son, unknowingly killed his own son.  Latin Text

Hel 390-92 – Euripides, Helen

before you ever begot my father, Atreus, to whom were born, from his marriage with Airope, Agamemnon and myself, Menelaos, a famous pair  Greek Text

Or 11-18 – Euripides, Orestes

He begot Pelops, the father of Atreus, for whom the goddess, when she had carded her wool, spun a web of strife—to make war with his own brother Thyestes. But why need I retrace that hideous tale? [15] Well, Atreus slew Thyestes’ children and feasted him on them. Atreus, now; I pass over intermediate events; from Atreus and Aerope of Crete were born the famous Agamemnon, if he really was famous, and Menelaus.  Greek Text

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