P. 573 (with art)

London, British Museum 1899.2-19.1: Late Geometric krater with Theseus and Ariadne (?)  See p. 265.

New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 27.116.  Corinthian krater.  Paris and Helen arriving at Troy, Hektor present.

Metropolitan Museum Bulletin, 1928.

Boston, Museum of Fine Arts, 13.186.  Attic skyphos by Makron. Paris and Helen with Aineias, Aphrodite and Peitho, Eros above.

Boston Museum Collection.

Beazley Archive

Berlin, Schloss Charlottenbug, F2291.  Attic red figured skyphos by Makron.  Paris and Helen, Aineias and Timandra, Euopis , Ikarios and Tyndareos.

E. Gerhard, Trinkschalen und Gefässe des Königlichen Museums zu Berlin.

Beazley Archive.


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