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Ch. 15: The Line of Tantalos

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Poet 18.1456a. 15-19 – Aristotle, Poetics

And the proof is that all who have dramatized the Sack of Troy as a whole, and not, like Euripides, piecemeal, or the Niobe story as a whole and not like Aeschylus, either fail or fare badly in competition. Indeed even Agathon failed in this point alone.  Greek Text

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Greek Text

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Hamburg, Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe 1960.1: Attic black-figure Tyrrhenian amphora by the Castellani Painter, children of Niobe fleeing Apollo and Artemis

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Beazley Archive Pottery Database

Paris, Musee du Louvre G341.  Attic red figure crater by the Niobid Painter.  Apollo, Artemis and Niobids.



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Greek Text and English Translation

Athen 13.601a (13.75) Athenaios, Deipnosophistai

And, in fact, there was such emulation about composing poems of this sort, and so far was any one from thinking lightly of the amatory poets, that Aeschylus, who was a very great poet, and Sophocles, too, introduced the subject of the loves of men on the stage in their tragedies: the one describing the love of Achilles for Patroclus, and the other, in his Niobe, the mutual love of her sons (on which account some men have given an ill name to that tragedy); and all such passages as those are very agreeable to the spectators.  Greek Text

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Greek Text

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