The Last Events before the Sack (page 646 upper)

Chapter 16, The Trojan War

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Lyk 52-55 – Lykophron, Alexandra

I see thee, hapless city, fired a second time by Aeaceian hands and by such remains as the funeral fire spared to abide in Letrina of the son of Tantalus when his body was devoured by the flamesGreek Text

ApE 5.10 – Apollodoros, Epitome

and Helenus was forced to tell how Ilium could be taken, to wit, first, if the bones of Pelops were brought to them; next, if Neoptolemus fought for them; and third, if the Palladium, which had fallen from heaven, were stolen from Troy, for while it was within the walls the city could not be taken.  Greek Text

Σ Lyk 52 – Scholia to Lykophron, Alexandra – Lykophronis Alexandra 2, p. 39, ed. E. Scheer. Berlin 1908.

Greek Text

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