W – Iambi et Elegi Graeci 2 vol.

W – Iambi et Elegi Graeci 2 vol.,ed. M.L. West. Oxford 1971.

New Translations

Volume 1

Archilochos 16 W – p. 7

Far-famed Tyche and Moira give all things to men  (Transl. E. Bianchelli)  EGM p. 150

Theognis 1233 – p. 234

and the son of Aigeus, great Theseus, perished. (Transl. E. Bianchelli)   EGM p. 63

Volume 2

Mimnermos 2.5-7 W – p. 83

The dark Keres stood by, one bringing the toll of grievous old age, the other of death. (Transl. E. Bianchelli)   EGM p. 8

Mimnermos 4 W – p. 84

To Tithonos he gave to have an ugly unending

old age, which is even more chilling than grievous death. (Transl. E. Bianchelli)   EGM p. 37



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