W – Iambi et Elegi Graeci 2 vol.

W – Iambi et Elegi Graeci 2 vol.,ed. M.L. West. Oxford 1971.

New Translations

Volume 1

Archilochos 16 W – p. 7

Far-famed Tyche and Moira give all things to men  (Transl. E. Bianchelli)  EGM p. 150

Archilochos 91.14-15 W – p. 35

May the rock of Tantalos not hang over this island  (Transl. T. Gantz)  EGM p. 531

Theognis 1233 – p. 234

and the son of Aigeus, great Theseus, perished. (Transl. E. Bianchelli)   EGM p. 63

Volume 2

Mimnermos 2.5-7 W – p. 83

The dark Keres stood by, one bringing the toll of grievous old age, the other of death. (Transl. E. Bianchelli)   EGM p. 8

Mimnermos 4 W – p. 84

To Tithonos he gave to have an ugly unending

old age, which is even more chilling than grievous death. (Transl. E. Bianchelli)   EGM p. 37


Mimnermos 19 W – p. 88

Ael. V.H. 12. 36

Ancient poets don’t seem to agree with each other on the number of Niobe’s children… Hesiod (fr. 183 M.–W.) says that they were nineteen… Mimnermos twenty, and Pindar (ad Pae 13 Sn) the same.  (Transl. E Bianchelli)  EGM p. 537

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