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Hesiod, Ehoiai (Catalogue of Women) fr 165 MW – Fragmenta Hesiodea, pp. 80-81, ed. R. Merkelbach and M. L. West. Oxford 1967.

Pausanias, Description of Greece 8.4.9

Hecataeus says that this Auge used to have intercourse with Heracles when he came to Tegea. At last it was discovered that she had borne a child to Heracles, and Aleus, putting her with her infant son in a chest, sent them out to sea. She came to Teuthras, lord of the plain of the Caicus, who fell in love with her and married herGreek Text

Edited by Elena Bianchelli, Retired Senior Lecturer of Classical Languages and Culture, Univ. of Georgia, November 2023.

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