Scholia Vergil, Aeneid

Scholia Vergil, Aeneid: Servii Grammatici qui feruntur in Vergilii Carmina Commentarii: Aeneis, ed. G. Thilo and H. Hagen. 2 vols. Leipzig 1881-84.

New Translations

Volume 1 Pt. 1

Aeneid 3.74 – pp. 352-53

DORIS – mother of the Nereids, mother of 40 nymphs, wife of Nereus.

AEGEAN NEPTUNE – because this island is situated in the Aegean sea. Indeed the whole stretch of sea between the Hellespont and the Adriatic is called the Aegean, and it takes its name from Aegeus, father of Theseus.  For when the Minotaur was shut up in the Labyrinth, and every year seven boys and girls from the Athenian nobility were sent as fodder for the Minotaur, finally distress at this overcame Theseus.  And so he set out to destroy the Minotaur, and it was agreed between him and his father, that, if he should conquer the monster, he would fit white sails on his ships, but if he were to be destroyed by the Minotaur, the ship would return with black sails.  But when he had killed the Minotaur, he forgetfully set out on his return journey – not with white sails but with black sails – and gave the grim signal of his death to his father who was stationed on a watchtower.  And he, believing his son to be dead, cast himself into the sea, whence the Aegean sea takes its name.  (Transl. Mary Emerson)  Latin Text

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