P. 371 (with art)

Scholion at Euripides, Medeia 1320 – Scholia in Euripidem, vol. 2, p. 211, ed. E. Schwartz. Berlin 1891.

Greek Text

Scholion at Euripides, Medeia 1386 – Scholia in Euripidem, vol. 2, p. 213, ed. E. Schwartz. Berlin 1891.

Greek Text

= Neuphron, Medeia 15 fr 3 Sn Tragicorum Graecorum Fragmenta 1, pp. 93-94, ed. B. Snell. Gottingen 1971

Diodoros Siculus, Library of History 4.55.1

Meanwhile, they go on to say, in the opinion of everyone Jason, in losing children and wife, had suffered only what was just; consequently, being unable to endure the magnitude of the affliction, he put an end to his life.​  Greek Text

♦ Munich, Antikensamlungen 3296.  Apulian krater,  Kreonteia.



Ovid, Heroides 12.53

Where was then the kingdom you receive as a dowry with Creusa?  Latin Text

Seneca, Medea 495

thou art Creusa’s advocate.  Latin Text

Hyginus, Fabulae 25

Creusa took the gift, and was burned to death along with Jason and Creon.  Latin Text

ApB 1.9.28 – Apollodoros, Bibliotheke (Library)

But she invoked the gods by whom Jason had sworn, and after often upbraiding him with his ingratitude she sent the bride a robe steeped in poison, which when Glauce had put on, she was consumed with fierce fire along with her father, who went to her rescue.  Greek Text

Diodoros Siculus, Library of History 4.54.5

Thereupon Medea was driven out of the city, and being allowed by Creon but one day to make the preparations for her exile,​ she entered the palace by night, having altered her appearance by means of drugs, and set fire to the building by applying to it a little root which had been discovered by her sister Circê and had the property that when it was kindled it was hard to put out. Now when the palace suddenly burst into flames, Jason quickly made his way out of it, but as for Glaucê and Creon, the fire hemmed them in on all sides and they were consumed by it.  Greek Text

Hyginus, Fabulae 25

When Medea saw that she, who had been Jason’s benefactress, was treated with scorn, with the help of poisonous drugs she made a golden crown, and she bade her sons give it as a gift to their stepmother. Creusa took the gift, and was burned to death along with Jason and Creon. When Medea saw that the palace was on fire, she slew Mermerus and Pheres, her sons by Jason, and fled from Corinth.  Latin Text

Apuleius, Metamorphoses 1.10

Latin Text

Ovid, Metamorphoses 7.394-95

But after the new wife had been burnt by
the Colchian witchcraft and two seas
had seen the king’s own palace all aflame,  Latin Text

Seneca, Medea 883-87

Myself, I also marvel, and, though the woeful thing is done, can scarce believe it could be done. What stay is there to ruin? The greedy fire rages through the palace’s every part as if ‘twere bidden so. Already the whole house has fallen, the city is in peril.  Latin Text

Scholion at Euripides, Medeia 19 – Scholia in Euripidem, vol. 2, p. 144, ed. E. Schwartz. Berlin 1891.

Greek Text

Diodoros Siculus, Library of History 4.55.5

Here, as some say, she married Aegeus and gave birth to Medus, who was later king of Media, but certain writers give the account that, when her person was demanded by Hippotes, the son of Creon, she was granted a trial and cleared of the charges he raised against her.  Greek Text

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