Omphale and the Kerkopes (page 441, with art)

Chapter 13: Herakles

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Apollodoros, Bibliotheke (Library) 2.6.3

but Hercules served Omphale as a slave, and in the course of his servitude he seized and bound the Cercopes at Ephesus.  Greek Text

Diodoros Siculus, Library of History 4.31.7

As for the Cercopes, for instance, as they are called, who were robbing and committing many evil acts, some of them he put to death and others he took captive and delivered in chains to Omphalê.  Greek Text

Nonnos p. 375 [Narrationes 39] – Mythographoi. Scriptores poeticae historiae Graeci, ed. A. Westermann. Braunschweig 1843.

Greek Text

Souda: Kerkopes

Greek and Latin Text

Athens, National Museum from Perachora, Heraion.  Corinthian cup.  Herakles, Kerkopes.

Berlin, Schloss Charlottenburg.  Corinthian pinax.  Herakles, Kerkopes.

Berlin, Schloss Charlottenburg.  Corinthian pinax.  Herakles, Kerkopes.

Olympia, Museum.  Shield band. Herakles, Kerkopes.


Palermo, Museo Nazionale Archeologico metope from Temple C at Selinus.  Herakles and the Kerkopes.

Sandra Shaw

Paestum, Metope from the First Heraion alla Foce del Sele.  Herakles, Kerkopes.

Pherekydes 3F77 – Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker 1, p. 81, ed. F. Jacoby. 2d ed. Leiden 1957.

Greek Text

♠ Kratinos, Archilochoi fr 13 PCG  – Poetae Comici Graeci, ed. R. Kassel and C. Austin. Berlin.

Herodotos, Historiae 7.216

The course of the path is as follows: it begins at the river Asopus as it flows through the ravine, and this mountain and the path have the same name, Anopaea. This Anopaea stretches along the ridge of the mountain and ends at Alpenus, the Locrian city nearest to Malis, near the rock called Blackbuttock and the seats of the Cercopes, where it is narrowestGreek Text

♠ Xenosagoras, Peri Neson (About the Islands) 240F28 – Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker 2, ed. F. Jacoby, 2d ed. Leiden 1957.

Ovid, Metamorphoses 14.90-100

The father of the gods abhorred the frauds
and perjuries of the Cercopians
and for the crimes of that bad treacherous race,
transformed its men to ugly animals,
appearing unlike men, although like men.
He had contracted and had bent their limbs,
and flattened out their noses, bent back towards
their foreheads; he had furrowed every face
with wrinkles of old age, and made them live
in that spot, after he had covered all
their bodies with long yellow ugly hair.
Besides all that, he took away from them
the use of language and control of tongues,
so long inclined to dreadful perjury;
and left them always to complain of life
and their ill conduct in harsh jabberingGreek Text

Lykophron, Alexandra 688-93

Thereafter the island that crushed the back of the Giants and the fierce storm of Typhon, shall receive him journeying alone: an island boiling with flame, wherein the king of the immortals established an ugly race of apes, in mockery of all who raised war against the sons of Cronus.  Greek Text

Zenobios 1.5 – Corpus Paroemiographorum Graecorum 1 p. 2, ed. E. L. Leutsch and F. G. Schneidewin. Göttingen 1839.

Greek Text

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