The Dioskouroi (page 325 with art)

Chapter 11: The Daughters of Thestios

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ApB 3.11.2 – Apollodoros, Bibliotheke (Library)

And wishing to marry the daughters of Leucippus, they carried them off from Messene and wedded them; and Pollux had Mnesileus by Phoebe, and Castor had Anogon by Hilaira.  Greek Text

Σ Lyk 511 – Scholia to Lykophron, Alexandra – Lykophronis Alexandra 2, pp. 184-85, ed E. Scheer. Berlin 1908.

Greek Text

Paus 2.22.5 – Pausanias, Description of Greece

The images represent the Dioscuri themselves and their sons, Anaxis and Mnasinous, and with them are their mothers, Hilaeira and Phoebe.  Greek Text

Paus 3.18.13 – Pausanias, Description of Greece

Anaxias and Mnasinous are each seated on horseback.  Greek Text

Paus 3.18.11 – Pausanias, Description of Greece

we have next the rape of the daughters of Leucippus.  Greek Text

Paus 3.17.3 – Pausanias, Description of Greece

[3] On the bronze are wrought in relief many of the labours of Heracles and many of the voluntary exploits he successfully carried out, besides the rape of the daughters of Leucippus and other achievements of the sons of Tyndareus.  Greek Text

Paus 1.18.1 – Pausanias, Description of Greece

The sanctuary of the Dioscuri is ancient. They them selves are represented as standing, while their sons are seated on horses. Here Polygnotus has painted the marriage of the daughters of Leucippus, which was a part of the gods’ history.  Greek Text

Kypria‘ epitome p. 40 PEG – Poetae Epici Graeci 1, ed. A. Bernabé. Leipzig 1987.

Nem 10.60 – Pindar, Nemean Odes

For Idas, angered for some reason about his cattle, stabbed him with the point of his bronze spear.  Greek Text

Lyk 512-43 – Lykophron, Alexandra

Whom, O Saviour Zeus, never mayst thou send against my fatherland to succour the twice-raped corncrake, nor may they equip their winged ships and from the stern end set their naked swift foot in the landing-place of the Bebryces! Neither may those others who are mightier than these lions, the unapproachable in valour, whom Ares loves and divine Enyo and the goddess that was born on the third day, Boarmia Longatis Homolois Bia. The walls which the two working craftsmen, Drymas and Prophantus, Lord of Cromna, built for the king that brake his oath, would not avail for one day against the ravaging wolves, to keep out their grievous ruinous assault, even though they have before the towers the mighty Canastraean, the native giant, as a bar against the foemen, eager to smite with well-aimed shaft the first harrier of the flocks. His spear shall a bold falcon first handsel, swooping a swift leap, best of the Greeks, for whom, when he is dead, the ready shore of the Doloncians builds of old a tomb, even Mazusia jutting from the horn of the dry land.

[535] But we have one, yea one beyond our hope, for gracious champion, even the god Drymnius Promatheus Aethiops Gyrapsius, who, when they who are destined to suffer things dread and undesirable shall receive in their halls their fatal guest, the swooping robber, the wandering Orthanes, and when at banquet and festival they shall seek to propitiate the inexorable Lord of Cragos, shall put in the midst of their talk grievous wrangling.  Greek Text

ApB 3.11.2 – Apollodoros, Bibliotheke (Library)

And having driven booty of cattle from Arcadia, in company with Idas and Lynceus, sons of Aphareus, they allowed Idas to divide the spoil. He cut a cow in four and said that one half of the booty should be his who ate his share first, and that the rest should be his who ate his share second. And before they knew where they were, Idas had swallowed his own share first and likewise his brother’s, and with him had driven off the captured cattle to Messene. But the Dioscuri marched against Messene, and drove away that cattle and much else besides. And they lay in wait for Idas and Lynceus.  Greek Text

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