Bakchylides SM – Bacchylidis Carmina cum fragmentis

Bakchylides SM – Bacchylidis Carmina cum fragmentis, ed. B. Snell and H. Maehler. Leipzig 1970 (10th ed.).

New Translations

Dithyramboi 23, Apparatus, p. 73

Porphyrio about Horace, Odes 1.15: With this ode he (Horace) imitates Bakchylides; in fact, as he (Bakchylides) makes Cassandra prophesize the future of the Trojan War, this one (Horace) makes Proteus do the same. (Transl. E. Bianchelli)  EGM, p. 92

fr 1B SM – p. 83

Hekate the torch-bearer, daughter of the large-bosomed Nyx (Transl. E. Bianchelli)   EGM, p. 26

47 SM – p. 110

Some say that Persephone was carried off from Sicily, but Bakchylides says that she was abducted from Krete. (Transl. E. Bianchelli)   EGM, p. 66

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