Laios (page 491)

Chapter 14: Thebes

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♠ OT 711-19Sophokles, (Oidipous Tyrannos)

An oracle came to Laius once—I will not say from Phoebus himself, but from his ministers—saying that he would suffer his doom at the hands of the child to be born to him and me. And Laius—as, at least, the rumor goes—was murdered one day by foreign robbers at a place where the three highways meet. And the child’s birth was not yet three days past, when Laius pinned his ankles together and had him thrown, by others’ hands, on a remote mountain. Greek Text

Pho 21-22 – Euripides, Phoinissai (Phoinician Women)

But he, yielding to pleasure in a drunken fit, begot a child on me; and afterwards, conscious of his sin and of the god’s warning, he gave the child to shepherds to expose. Greek Text

Epimenides 3B15 – Die Fragmente der Vorsokratiker 1, p. 35, ed H. Diels and W. Kranz. 6th ed. Berlin 1951.

[6 M.]  SCHOL. EURIP.  Phoen. 13  Euripides says that he [Laios] married Eurykleia, daughter of Ekphas, who gave birth to Oidipous.  (Transl. E. Bianchelli)  Greek Text

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