Chapter 17, The Return from Troy

Table of Contents

Death of Aigisthos, from A. Furtwaengler and K. Reichhold, Griechische Vasenmalerei: Auswahl hervorragender Vasenbilder (Serie II, 1909) pl. 72

Menelaos and Nestor (page 662)

Agamemnon (page 664 lower)

Orestes’ Revenge (page 676 lower)

Iphigeneia among the Tauroi (page 686 lower)

Neoptolemos (page 687 lower)

Teukros (page 694 lower)

Aias Oileiades and Nauplios’ Revenge (page 695 lower)

Idomeneus, Diomedes, Philoktetes, and Others (page 697 lower)

Odysseus (page 703 lower)

Aineias (page 713 lower)


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