Atreus and Thyestes (page 549)

Ch. 15: The Line of Tantalos

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Ag 1605-6 – Aischylos, Agamemnon

For together with my hapless father he drove me out, [1605] me his third child, as yet a baby in swaddling-clothesGreek Text

ApE 2.13 – Apollodoros, Epitome

And when he had lured Thyestes by a pretence of friendship, he slaughtered the sons, Aglaus, Callileon, and Orchomenus, whom Thyestes had by a Naiad nymph, though they had sat down as suppliants on the altar of Zeus. And having cut them limb from limb and boiled them, he served them up to Thyestes without the extremities; and when Thyestes had eaten heartily of them, he showed him the extremities, and cast him out of the country.  Greek Text

♠ Byz Σ Or 812 – Tragicorum Graecorum Fragmenta 4, p. 162, ed. S.L. Radt. Göttingen 1977.

Σ Or 4 – Scholia to Euripides, Orestes – Scholia in Euripidem 1, pp. 95-96, ed. E. Schwartz. Berlin 1887.

Greek Text

Fab 88 – Hyginus, Fabulae

Atreus, son of Pelops and Hippodamia, eager to take vengeance on his brother Thyestes for his injuries, made peace with him, brought him back into his kingdom, and after slaying his infant sons, Tantalus and Plisthenes, served them to Thyestes at a banquet.  Latin Text

Fab 246 – Hyginus, Fabulae

THOSE WHO ATE THE FLESH OF THEIR CHILDREN AT BANQUETS: Tereus, son of Mars, his son Itys by Progne. Thyestes, son of Pelops, his children by Aerope — Tantalus and Plisthenes. Clymenus, son of Schoeneus, his son by his daughter Harpalyce.  Latin Text

Fab 86 – Hyginus, Fabulae

CHILDREN OF PELOPS: Because Thyestes, son of Pelops and Hippodamia, lay with Aeropa, Atreus’ wife, he was banished from the kingdom by his brother Atreus. But he sent Atreus’ son, Plisthenes, whom he had reared as his own, to Atreus to be killed. Atreus, believing him to be his brother’s son, unknowingly killed his own son.  Latin Text

Σ Or 16 – Scholia to Euripides, Orestes – Scholia in Euripidem 1, p. 99, ed. E. Schwartz. Berlin 1887.

Greek Text

IA 1149-52 – Euripides, Iphigeneia in Aulis

it was not of my own free will but by force that you took and wed me, [1150] after slaying Tantalus, my former husband, and dashing my baby on the ground when you had torn him from my breast with brutal violence.  Greek Text

ApE 2.16 – Apollodoros, Epitome

And Agamemnon reigned over the Mycenaeans and married Clytaemnestra, daughter of Tyndareus, after slaying her former husband Tantalus, son of Thyestes, with his child.  Greek Text

Paus 2.18.2 – Pausanias, Description of Greece

But as to what followed, I cannot say for certain whether Aegisthus began the sin or whether Agamemnon sinned first in murdering Tantalus, the son of Thyestes. It is said that Tantalus had received Clytaemnestra in marriage from Tyndareus when she was still a virgin.  Greek Text

Paus 2.22.3 – Pausanias, Description of Greece

Now that the Tantalus is buried here who was the son of Thyestes or Broteas (both accounts are given) and married Clytaemnestra before Agamemnon did, I will not gainsay.  Greek Text

Paus 3.22.4 – Pausanias, Description of Greece

The Magnesians say that it was made by Broteas the son of Tantalus.  Greek Text

Σ Or 4 – Scholia to Euripides, Orestes – Scholia in Euripidem 1, pp. 95-96, ed. E. Schwartz. Berlin 1887.

Greek Text

ApE 2.2 – Apollodoros, Epitome

Broteas, a hunter, did not honor Artemis, and said that even fire could not hurt him. So he went mad and threw himself into fire.  Greek Text

♠ Ovid, Ibis 517-8

or may you give your burning limbs to the kindling pyre,

as they say Broteas did in his desire for death.  Latin Text

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