Agamemnon (page 671, with art)

Chapter 17, The Return from Troy

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Boston, Museum of Fine Arts 63.1246: Attic red-figure calyx krater by the Dokimasia Painter with murders of Agamemnon and Aigisthos; in the center of side A, Aigisthos slays Agamemnon, who is encased in a net-like garment; on the left, Klytaimestra races in with her axe; at far left, a fleeing woman, perhaps Chrysothemis (Agamemnon’s youngest daughter); behind Agamemnon is a distressed Elektra and fleeing Kassandra; in the center of side B, a helmeted Orestes slays a seated Aigisthos; on the left, Kltaimestra rushes in with her axe, while on the right is an alarmed Elektra

Chrysothemis, Klytaimestra, Aigisthos, Agamemnon and Elektra from side A, in image from Museum of Fine Arts

Elektra and Kassandra from side A and Klytaimestra from side B

Klytaimestra, Orestes, Aigisthos and Elektra from side B; second and third photos from Twitter

Elektra from side B and Chrysothemis and Klytaimestra from side A; image from E. Vermeule, “The Boston Oresteia Krater,” American Journal of Archaeology 70 (1966) pl. 4 fig. 7

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Artistic sources edited by Frances Van Keuren, Prof. Emerita, Lamar Dodd School of Art, Univ. of Georgia, July 2022

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