Idomeneus, Diomedes, Philoktetes, and Others (page 697 lower)

Chapter 17, The Return from Troy

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Homer, Odyssey 3.180-82

It was the fourth day when in Argos the company of Diomedes, son of Tydeus, tamer of horses, stayed their shapely ships.  Greek Text

Homer, Odyssey 3.191-92

All his company, too, did Idomeneus bring to Crete, all who escaped the war, and the sea robbed him of none.  Greek Text

Lykophron, Alexandra 1214-25

And unto Cnossus and the halls of Gortyn shall come the woe of me unhappy, and all the house of the rulers shall be overthrown. For not quietly shall the fisherman voyage, rowing his two-oared boat, to stir up Leucus, guardian of the kingdom, and weaving hate with lying wiles. He shall spare neither the children of Meda the wedded wife, in the rage of his mind, nor the daughter Cleisithera, whom her father shall betroth unhappily to the serpent whom he himself has reared. All will he slay with impious hands in the temple, maltreated and abused in the Trench of Oncaea.  Greek Text


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