Olympos (page 120)

Chapter 3: Olympos, the Underworld, and Minor Divinities

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Homer, Odyssey 11.313-16

Yea, and they threatened to raise the din of furious war against the immortals in Olympus. They were fain to pile Ossa on Olympus, and Pelion, with its waving forests, on Ossa, that so heaven might be scaled.  Greek Text

Homer, Iliad 16.364-65 

And as when from Olympus a cloud fareth toward heaven out of the bright air, when Zeus spreadeth forth the tempest  Greek Text

Homer, Iliad 1.420

I will myself go to snowy Olympus  Greek Text

Homer, Iliad 18.186

neither any other of the immortals that dwell upon snowy Olympus  Greek Text

Homer, Iliad 18.616

And like a falcon she sprang down from snowy Olympus  Greek Text

Homer, Iliad 14-225-30

but Hera darted down and left the peak of Olympus; on Pieria she stepped and lovely Emathia, and sped over the snowy mountains of the Thracian horsemen, even over their topmost peaks, nor grazed she the ground with her feet; and from Athos she stepped upon the billowy sea, and so came to Lemnos, the city of godlike Thoas.  Greek Text

Homer, Odyssey 5.50

On to Pieria he stepped from the upper air, and swooped down upon the sea.  Greek Text

Homer, Iliad 1.497-99

and at early morning [Thetis] went up to great heaven and Olympus. There she found the far-seeing son of Cronos sitting apart from the rest upon the topmost peak of many-ridged Olympus.  Greek Text

Homer, Iliad 8.18-26

then shall ye know how far the mightiest am I of all gods. Nay, come, make trial, ye gods, that ye all may know. Make ye fast from heaven a chain of gold, and lay ye hold thereof, all ye gods and all goddesses; yet could ye not drag to earth from out of heaven Zeus the counsellor most high, not though ye laboured sore. But whenso I were minded to draw of a ready heart, then with earth itself should I draw you and with sea withal; and the rope should I thereafter bind about a peak of Olympus and all those things should hang in space.  Greek Text

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