The Daughters of Asopos (page 225 with art)

Chapter 6: Other Early Families

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♠ Σ Nem 3.64b – Scholia to Pindar, Nemean Odes – Scholia vetera in Pindari carmina 3, p. 52, ed. A.B Drachman. Leipzig 1927.


Tarquinia, Museo Archeologico Etrusco RC 5564.  Attic amphora by the Camtar Painter.  Amazons.

Beazley Archive

Boston Museum of Fine Arts 98.916.  Attic amphora by the Timades Painter. Amazons.

MFACollection online

Py 4 – Pindar, Pythian Odes

Today you must stand beside a beloved man, Muse, the king of Cyrene with its fine horses, so that while Arcesilas celebrates his triumph you may swell the fair wind of song that is due to the children of Leto and to Pytho, where once the priestess seated beside the golden eagles of Zeus, [5] on a day when Apollo happened to be present, gave an oracle naming Battus as the colonizer of fruitful Libya, and telling how he would at once leave the holy island and found a city of fine chariots on a shining white breast of the earth, and carry out [10] in the seventeenth generation the word spoken at Thera by Medea, which once the inspired daughter of Aeetes, the queen of the Colchians, breathed forth from her immortal mouth.  Continue Reading  Greek Text

Pindar fr 172 – Pindarus 2, pp. 126-27, ed. B. Snell and H. Maehler. Leipzig 1975.

Florence, Museo Archeologico 4209 The Francois Vase.  Attic krater by Kleitos and Ergotimos. Detail hunt of the Kalydonian Boar.  Peleus and Meleagros.


Munich, Antikensammlungen 2243.   Attic cup by Glaukytes (potter) and Archikles (potter)..  Hunt of the Kalydonian Boar. Peleus and Meleagros to right of the Boar.

The Sythian Phoenix

Euripides, Meleagros fr 530 N² – Tragicorum Graecorum Fragmenta, pp. 529-30, ed. A. Nauck, 2nd ed. Leipzig 1889.

Greek Text

Is 6.45 – Pindar, Isthmian Odes

I entreat you to grant this man a brave son from Eriboea.  Greek Text

Bak 13.102-4 – Bakchylides, Odes

and the high-spirited son of beautiful Eriboea, Aias, the shield-bearing hero  Greek Text

Σ Is 6.53 – Scholia to Pindar, Isthmian OdesScholia vetera in Pindari carmina, ed. A. B. Drachmann 3, p. 255. Leipzig 1927.

Greek Text

same as

Hesiod, Megalai Ehoiai (Great Catalogue of Women) fr 250 MW – Fragmenta Hesiodea, 122, ed. R. Merkelbach and M. L. West. Oxford 1967.

Kyn 1.9 – Xenophon, Kynegetikos (On Hunting)

Telamon waxed so mighty that he wedded from the greatest city the maiden of his choice, Periboea, daughter of Alcathus: and when the first of the Greeks, Heracles son of Zeus, distributed the prizes of valour after taking Troy, to him he gave HesioneGreek Text

ApB 3.12.7 – Apollodoros, Bibliotheke (Library)

And Telamon married Periboea, daughter of Alcathus, son of Pelops, and called his son Ajax, because when Hercules had prayed that he might have a male child, an eagle appeared after the prayer. And having gone with Hercules on his expedition against Troy, he received as a prize Hesione, daughter of Laomedon, by whom he had a son Teucer.  Greek Text

Paus 1.43.2 – Pausanias, Description of Greece

I am confirmed in my view that the Megarians used to be tributary to the Athenians by the fact that Alcathous appears to have sent his daughter Periboea with Theseus to Crete in payment of the tributeGreek Text

Bak 17.14 – Bakchylides, Odes

A dark-prowed ship, carrying Theseus, steadfast in the din of battle, and twice seven splendid Ionian youths, was cleaving the Cretan sea; [5] for northern breezes fell on the far-shining sail, by the will of glorious Athena, shaker of the aegis. And the holy gifts of Cypris with her lovely headband scratched the heart of Minos. [10] He no longer kept his hand away from the maiden; he touched her white cheeks. And Eriboea cried out [15] to the descendant of Pandion with his bronze breastplate.  Greek Text

Bak 13.100-4 – Bakchylides, Odes

Of their battle-rousing sons I shall sing, and of swift Achilles, and the high-spirited son of beautiful Eriboea, Aias, the shield-bearing hero.  Greek Text

Thes 29.1 – Plutarch, Theseus

also to have married Periboea, the mother of Aias  Greek Text

DS 4.72.7 – Diodoros Siculus, Library of History

Telamon, being also a fugitive from Aegina, went to Salamis and marrying Glaucê, the daughter of Cychreus, the king of the Salaminians, he became king of the island. When his wife Glaucê died he married Eriboea of Athens, the daughter of Alcathus, by whom he begat Ajax, who served in the expedition against Troy.  Greek Text

Sophokles, Teukros – Tragicorum Graecorum Fragmenta. 4, pp. 431-33, ed. S. L. Radt. Göttingen 1977.

Nem 4.46-47 – Pindar, Nemean Odes

Cyprus, where Teucer the son of Telamon reigns far from home  Greek Text

Proklos, Nostoi epitome PEG – Poetae Epici Graeci 1, pp. 94-95, ed. A. Bernabé. Leipzig 1987.

Aischylos, Salaminiai – Tragicorum Graecorum Fragmenta 3, pp. 333-35, ed. S. L. Radt. Göttingen 1985.

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Artistic sources edited by R. Ross Holloway, Elisha Benjamin Andrews Professor Emeritus, Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World, Brown Univ., and Frances Van Keuren, Prof. Emerita, Lamar Dodd School of Art, Univ. of Georgia, February, 2018.

Literary sources edited by Elena Bianchelli, Retired Senior Lecturer of Classical Languages and Culture, Univ. of Georgia, February 2024.

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