Scholia Graeca in Homeri Iliadem

Scholia Graeca in Homeri Iliadem, eds. W. Dindorf and E. Maas. 6 vols. Oxford 1875-88

New Translations

A Scholia Vol. 1

Σ A at Iliad 5.397 – p. 216

At the gate of Hades, when he wanted to fetch Kerberos  (Transl. E. Bianchelli)  Greek Text  EGM p. 455

Σ A at Iliad 9.575 – p. 332

Priests] so then Sophokles in his Meleager brought forth the chorus of priests.  (Transl. E. Bianchelli)  Greek Text  EMG p. 331

A Scholia – Vol. 2

Σ Ab at Iliad 14.319 – p. 50

Of Danaë]  Danaë, daughter of Akrisios, who, having lain with Zeus, gave birth to Perseus.  For (they say), when Akrisios consulted the oracle about the birth of male children, the god answered that a boy would be born from his daughter and would kill him.  Fearful of this, Akrisios prepared an underground chamber made of bronze, and confined Danaë there.  But she (as Pindar says, along with several others) was seduced by her paternal uncle, Proitos, for which reason discord arose against them.  But (as some say), it was Zeus who, transformed to gold, pouring down through the roof to Danaë’s lap, was united with her.  Akrisios realized later that Perseus had been born from her; since he had no faith that the seducer of his daughter was Zeus, he tossed her into a large chest with the child and threw it into the sea.  These [two] came safe to the island of Seriphos, one of the Cyclades, and it happened that the child was cared for at the house of Polydiktes or (as some say) by Diktys, the brother of Polydiktes. But later when Akrisios had fled, Perseus took over the kingdom of the Argives.  (Transl.Mary Emerson).  Greek Text  EGM p. 300

Σ AT at Iliad 22.351 – p. 242

Not even if]  Aischylos in his Phryges actually made the weight of gold equivalent to Hektor’s body.  (Transl. E. Bianchelli)  Greek Text  EGM p. 618

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