Herakles and the Gods: Minor Tales (page 456, with art)

Chapter 13: Herakles

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Berlin, Schloss Charlottenbug F2164.  Attic amphora by the Kleophrades Painter.  Herakles and Poseidon.

Beazley Archive

Paris, Cabinet des Medailles 822.  Attic amphora.  Herakles and second figure.

Beazley Archive

Berlin, Pergamon Museum 31094.  Attic crater. Herakles, other figures.

Beazley Archive

Σ St: Theb 4.106 – Lactantius, Scholia to Statius, Thebais – Lactanti Placidi qui dicitur commentarios in Statii Thebaida et commentarium in Achilleida, ed R. Jahnke. P. Papinius Statius 3, pp. 196-97. Leipzig 1898.

Latin Text

Paris, Musee du Louvre G234.  Attic pelike.  Herakles, Geras.

Wikimediacommons photo Jastrow.

London, British Museum E290.  Attic amphora by the Charmides Painter.  Herakles, Geras.

BrtishMuseum online

Oxford, Asmolean Museum 1942.79.  Attic skyphos by the Penthesileia Painter.  Herakles, Geras.

Beazley Archive

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Artistic sources edited by Frances Van Keuren, Prof. Emerita, Lamar Dodd School of Art, Univ. of Georgia, September, 2017.

Literary sources edited by Elena Bianchelli, Retired Senior Lecturer of Classical Languages and Culture, Univ. of Georgia, December 2023.

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