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Chapter 17, The Return from Troy

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ApE 6.23 – Apollodoros, Epitome

After Agamemnon had returned to Mycenae with Cassandra, he was murdered by Aegisthus and Clytaemnestra; for she gave him a shirt without sleeves and without a neck, and while he was putting it on he was cut down, and Aegisthus reigned over Mycenae. And they killed Cassandra also.  Greek Text

Σ Il 1.7 – Scholia at Homer, Iliad – Scholia Graeca in Homeri Iliadem I p. 7, ed. W. Dindorf and E. Maass. Oxford 1875.

Greek Text

VM I 147 – Vatican Mythographers – Scriptores rerum mythicarum Latini tres Romae nuper reperti 1, p. 47, ed. G. H. Bode. Celle 1834

Latin Text

Σ Lyk 1099 Scholia to Lykophron, Alexandra – Lykophronis Alexandra 2 p. 329, ed E. Scheer. Berlin 1908.

Greek Text

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Greek Text

Diktys, De bello Troiano 6.2 

At the same time Oeax, who was the son of Nauplius and the brother of Palamedes, on learning that the Greeks were returning home, went to Argos and reported, falsely, to Clytemnestra and Aegiale that Agamemnon and Diomedes were bringing back women they preferred to their wives; and he added those things by which their womanly hearts, by nature easily persuaded, might be the more incensed against their husbands. Thus they were prompted to arm themselves against their husbands’ arrivals. Accordingly, Aegiale, with the help of the citizens, prevented Diomedes from entering the city; and Clytemnestra had Aegisthus, with whom she was living in adultery, snare Agamemnon and slay him. Soon thereafter the adulterous pair were married, and Clytemnestra gave birth to a daughter, Erigone.  Greek Text

Fab 117 – Hyginus, Fabulae

CLYTEMNESTRA: Clytemnestra, daughter of Tyndareus and wife of Agamemnon, heard from Oiax, brother of Palamedes, that Cassandra was being brought as a concubine to her house, a false statement Oiax made in order to avenge the wrong done to his brother. Then Clytemnestra, together with Aegisthus, son of Thyestes, planned to kill Agamemnon and Cassandra. They killed him with an axe as he was sacrificing, and Cassandra, too. But Electra, Agamemnon’s daughter, rescued her brother, the infant Orestes, and sent him to Strophius in Phocis. Strophius had married Agamemnon’s sister, Astyoche.  Latin Text

Il 1.110-14Homer, Iliad 

I would not accept the glorious ransom for the girl, the daughter of Chryses, since I much prefer to keep her in my home. For certainly I prefer her to Clytemnestra, my wedded wife, since she is not inferior to her, either in form or in stature, or in mind, or in any handiwork.  Greek Text

Kinaithon fr 4 PEG – Poetae Epici Graeci 1 p. 116, ed. A. Bernabé. Leipzig 1987.

Kinaithon in his epic poem said that Erigone, daughter of Aigysthos, bore Penthilos, a natural son of Orestes.  (Transl. E Bianchelli)

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