The Landing: Protesilaos, Kyknos, and the Embassy to Troy (page 596 upper)

Chapter 16, The Trojan War

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ApE 3.28-29 – Apollodoros, Epitome

Putting to sea from Tenedos they made sail for Troy, and sent Ulysses and Menelaus to demand the restoration of Helen and the property. But the Trojans, having summoned an assembly, not only refused to restore Helen, but threatened to kill the envoys. [29] These were, however, saved by Antenor.  Greek Text

ApE 5.21 – Apollodoros, Epitome

And marching, arms in hand, into the city, they entered the houses and slew the sleepers. Neoptolemus slew Priam, who had taken refuge at the altar of Zeus of the Courtyard. But when Glaucus, son of Antenor, fled to his house, Ulysses and Menelaus recognized and rescued him by their armed intervention.  Greek Text

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