P. 521

Hypothesis to Antigone

Greek Text

Σ Ant 1350 – Scholia in Sophoclis Tragoedias vetera, p. 277, ed. P. N. Papageorgius. Leipzig 1888

Greek Text

Ion of Chios 740 PMGPoetae Melici Graeci, p. 383, ed. D. L. Page. Oxford 1962.

Statius, Thebais 12.177-463

Latin Text

Statius, Thebais 12.677-804

Latin Text

ApB 3.7.1 – Apollodoros, Bibliotheke (Library)

But Antigone, one of the daughters of Oedipus, stole the body of Polynices, and secretly buried it, and having been detected by Creon himself, she was interred alive in the grave. Greek Text


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