AP – Palatine Anthology

AP – Palatine Anthology (Greek Anthology), ed. W. R. Paton. London 1916-18.

New Translations


In 11, Polydektes, king of the Seriphians, petrified by Perseus with the head of the Gorgon after sending him off for the sake of marriage with his mother, received himself, by the providence of Justice, the very death which he devised to happen to another:

Even you, Polydektes, dared to pollute the couch of Danae, repaying Zeus with infamous bedding; for which Perseus unleashed here the eyes of the Gorgon, stoneworking your limbs, pleasing his mother. (Transl. Silvio Curtis)


And in 15, Bellerophontes saved by the boy Glaukos because, carried by Pegasos to the Aleian plain, he was about to be slain by Megapenthes son of Proitos:

Bellerophontes no longer stopped his murder by the son of Proitos, or death at the hands of his †distressed father. Glaukos, in vain †family’s and he will avoid the trickery of Iobates, for so . . . spun the Fates’ threads. And you yourself, coming near, drove murder away from your father, and observed as a witness of the noble stories.  (Transl. Silvio Curtis)

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