Neoptolemos (page 688)

Chapter 17, The Return from Troy

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Greek Text

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Greek Text

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Greek Text

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Greek Text

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Greek Text

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But on his return voyage he missed Scyros, and after wandering from their course they came to Ephyra. He ruled in Molossia for a brief time.  Greek Text

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And tell me of noble Peleus, if thou hast heard aught, [495] whether he still has honor among the host of the Myrmidons, or whether men do him dishonor throughout Hellas and Phthia, because old age binds him hand and foot. For I am not there to bear him aid beneath the rays of the sun in such strength as once was mine in wide Troy, [500] when I slew the best of the host in defence of the Argives. If but in such strength I could come, were it but for an hour, to my father’s house, I would give many a one of those who do him violence and keep him from his honor, cause to rue my strength and my invincible hands.’  Greek Text


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