Pindar SM – Fragments of Pindar, 2 vol.

Pindar SM – Fragments of Pindar, 2 vol., ed. B. Snell and H. Maehler. Leipzig 1975 (4th ed.).

New Translations

Volume 2

Hymns fr 35 SM – p. 10

The Titans having been released from those bonds under your hands, o Lord  (Transl. E. Bianchelli)   EGM p. 47

Paian 12.16-17 – p. 50 

They uttered a great roar from their mouth

both Eleithuia and Lachesis. (Transl. E. Bianchelli)  EGM p. 7, 83 upper


Dithyrambs fr 70b.21 SM – p. 74

in Bacchic orgies (transl. E Bianchelli)  EGM p. 118

Dithyrambs fr 81 SM – p. 84 (= p. 75)

I on my part praise you, Geryoneus, but were you not dearest to Zeus, I would be completly silent. (Transl. E. Bianchelli) EGM p. 407

fr 100 SM – p. 94

Pan was born to Penelope and Apollo (or Mercury?) on Mount Lykaion. (Transl. E. Bianchelli)  EGM p. 110

fr 156 SM – p. 119

Mighty dancing Silenos, husband of Nais, who was reared by the mountain of Maleas  (Transl. E. Bianchelli)  EGM p. 138

fr 162 SM – p. 120

(Otos and Ephialtes) falling swiftly down a ladder to the lofty sky (Transl. E. Bianchelli)  EGM p. 170

fr. 253 SM – p. 143

Erichthonios…appeared from the earth  (Transl. Aaron J. Ivey).  EGM  p. 233

fr 266 SM – p. 145

that the Cyclopes had been killed by Zeus fearing that they might forge weapons for anyone else of the gods. (Transl. E. Bianchelli)   EGM p. 13

fr 283 SM – p. 146

Hera is chained by Hephaestos on a throne that he had built. (Transl. E. Bianchelli) EGM p. 75



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