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BritishMuseumE84CroppedLondon, British Museum E84: interior of Attic red-figure cup from Vulci by Codrus Painter, with Theseus dragging dying Minotaur out of the Labyrinth in the center, surrounded by six additional exploits of Theseus

You can go directly to the supplementary materials for any page of Gantz’s Early Greek Myth by using the search box above the menu sidebar, located on the left side of the screen. Please note that you should try such a search in two ways, since we are in the process of updating the way to navigate the chapters in Early Greek Myrh. For finding a page within Chapters 1-5, the first part of Chapter 14 and all of Chapter 18, search by using the format “page 18”. For Chapters 6 through the first part of Chapter 16, search by using the format “P. 276”.

To go to a page within Chapters 1-5 and 18, go to the the menu sidebar and click on the Table of Contents. This lists all the chapters in Early Greek Myth. At this time, only Chapters 1-5 and 18 have been set up, along with part of Chapter 14, so that you can navigate within the chapters without going back to the menu bar. However, in several months, this  update should be finished for all the chapters except for the second part of Chapter 16 and for Chapter 17, which have not yet been worked on. The links from the Table of Contents to Chapters 1-5 and 18 will take you to chapter pages. Each chapter page lists all the sections within the chapter that are devoted to different myths and mythological characters. When you go to the first page of a section, you will find the literary and artistic sources mentioned on that page in Early Greek Myth. Once you are on such a content page, you can go forwards or backwards within the chapter by using the “Previous Page” and “Next Page” links. At the top of each page with content, there are also links back to the chapter page and the Table of Contents listing all the chapters.

You can also get to your desired page in all the chapters, except the second part of Chapters 16 and 17 (which have not yet been put up), by using the the left menu sidebar to navigate the site. To view the supplementary literary and artistic sources for a page within a chapter of Early Greek Myth, click on the downwardly pointing arrow to the right of the chapter’s name. Then the sections within this chapter will appear in a drop-down menu. Choose the section of interest and click on its downwardly pointing arrow, and all the pages in this section will appear. Click on the page whose supplementary materials you wish to explore. Please note that in most cases, except for Chapters 1-5 and 18, if you click on the chapter and section headings in the menu sidebar, blank pages will appear. You need to go further into the menu to the actual pages to find the pertinent supplementary literary and artistic sources.

Your path to the page of interest will be highlighted in bold font in the sidebar, a helpful feature that serves as a reminder of just where you are in Early Greek Myth.

If you wish to search for the name of a particular mythological character on this site, go to the search box above the menu sidebar. Greek spellings of characters’ names are used, as throughout the different chapters of Early Greek Myth. Please consult the Index at the end of the hardbound edition of this reference (or at the end of both vol. 1 and vol. 2 of the paperback edition) if you are uncertain about what spelling you should use when searching.

If you are using the French edition of Early Greek Myth (Mythes de la Grèce archaïque, translated by Danièle Auger and Bernadette Leclercq-Neveu, 2004),  the chapter numbers are the same, but the section headings are more detailed than in the English edition. The Greek names for mythological characters, if they are different from their French names, can be found inside parentheses in the “Index des personnages” on p. 1394 at the end of the volume.


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