The Descendants of Agenor (page 197)

Chapter 5: The Line of Deukalion

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Homer, Iliad 9.567

for she prayed instantly to the gods, being grieved for her brother’s slaying.  Greek Text

Bakchylides 5.128-29

Then I killed, among many others, Iphiclus and noble Aphares, my mother’s swift brothers.  Greek Text

ApB 1.7.10 – Apollodoros, Bibliotheke (Library)

Thestius had daughters and sons by Eurythemis, daughter of Cleoboea: the daughters were Althaea, Leda, Hypermnestra, and the males were Iphiclus, Evippus, Plexippus, and Eurypylus.  Greek Text

Hesiod, Ehoiai (Catalogue of Women) fr 10a MW – Hesiodi Theogonia, Opera et Dies, Scutum, pp. 227-30, ed. Solmsen. 3d ed. Oxford 1990.

Hesiod, Ehoiai (Catalogue of Women) fr 26 MW – Fragmenta Hesiodea, pp. 16-18, ed. R. Merkelbach and M. L. West. Oxford 1967.

ApB 1.7.10 – Apollodoros, Bibliotheke (Library)

Porthaon and Euryte, daughter of Hippodamas, had sons, Oeneus, Agrius, Alcathous, Melas, Leucopeus, and a daughter Sterope, who is said to have been the mother of the Sirens by Achelous.  Greek Text

ApB 1.3.4 – Apollodoros, Bibliotheke (Library)

and Melpomene had by Achelous the Sirens, of whom we shall speak in treating of Ulysses.  Greek Text

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