Antigone and Burial of the Seven (page 522 upper)

Chapter 14: Thebes

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Il 14.114 – Homer, Iliad

Tydeus, whom in Thebe the heaped-up earth covereth. Greek Text

Nem 9.24 – Pindar, Nemean Odes

For seven funeral pyres feasted on their bodies’ young limbs. Greek Text

Thes 29.4 – Plutarch, Theseus

He also aided Adrastus in recovering for burial the bodies of those who had fallen before the walls of the Cadmeia, not by mastering the Thebans in battle, as Euripides has it in his tragedy, but by persuading them to a truce; for so most writers say, and Philochorus adds that this was the first truce ever made for recovering the bodies of those slain in battle. Greek Text

Paus 1.39.2 – Pausanias, Description of Greece

A little farther on from the well is a sanctuary of Metaneira, and after it are graves of those who went against Thebes. For Creon, who at that time ruled in Thebes as guardian of Laodamas the son of Eteocles, refused to allow the relatives to take up and bury their dead. But Adrastus having supplicated Theseus, the Athenians fought with the Boeotians, and Theseus being victorious in the fight carried the dead to the Eleusinian territory and buried them here. The Thebans, however, say that they voluntarily gave up the dead for burial and deny that they engaged in battle. Greek Text

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