The Last Events before the Sack (page 641, with art)

Chapter 16, The Trojan War

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Sophokles, Eurypylos fr 211 R – Tragicorum Graecorum Fragmenta 4, p. 205, ed. S.L. Radt. Göttingen 1977.

Basel, Antikenmuseum and Ludwig Collection BS 498: Attic black-figure hydria with Neoptolemos, having slain Eurypylos, in the act of killing Eurypylos’ charioteer

Beazley Archive Pottery Database

Digital LIMC

Homer, Iliad 3.121-24

But Iris went as a messenger to white-armed Helen, in the likeness of her husband’s sister, the wife of Antenor’s son, even her that lord Helicaon, Antenor’s son, had to wife, Laodice, the comeliest of the daughters of Priam.  Greek Text

Lesches, Ilias Mikra (Little Iliad) 

See Pausanias, Description of Greece 10.26.8 in Early Greek Myth p. 595

Apollodoros, Epitome 5.1

Penthesilia, daughter of Otrere and Ares, accidentally killed Hippolyte and was purified by Priam. In battle she slew many, and amongst them Machaon, and was afterwards herself killed by Achilles, who fell in love with the Amazon after her death and slew Thersites for jeering at him.  Greek Text

Proklos, Ilias Mikra (Little Iliad) Argumentum PEG – Poetae Epici Graeci 1, p. 74, ed. A. Bernabé. Leipzig 1987.

Homer, Odyssey 8.492-95

But come now, change thy theme, and sing of the building of the horse of wood, which Epeius made with Athena’s help, the horse which once Odysseus led up into the citadel as a thing of guile, [495] when he had filled it with the men who sacked Ilios Greek Text

Homer, Odyssey 11.523-27

And again, when we, the best of the Argives, were about to go down into the horse which Epeus made, and the command of all was laid upon me, [525] both to open and to close the door of our stout-built ambush, then the other leaders and counsellors of the Danaans would wipe away tears from their eyes.  Greek Text

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Greek Text

Apollodoros, Epitome 5.14

But afterwards he invented the construction of the Wooden Horse and suggested it to Epeus, who was an architect. Epeus felled timber on Ida, and constructed the horse with a hollow interior and an opening in the sides. Into this horse Ulysses persuaded fifty ( or, according to the author of the Little Iliad, three thousand) of the doughtiest to enter, while the rest, when night had fallen, were to burn their tents, and, putting to sea, to lie to off Tenedos, but to sail back to land after the ensuing night.  Greek Text




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