Medeia and Iason in Greece (page 370)

Chapter 12: Iason and the Argo

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Paus 2.3.6 – Pausanias, Description of Greece

As you go along another road from the market-place, which leads to Sicyon, you can see on the right of the road a temple and bronze image of Apollo, and a little farther on a well called the Well of Glauce. Into this they say she threw herself in the belief that the water would be a cure for the drugs of Medea.  Greek Text

DL 2.17.134 – Diogenes Laertius, Lives of Eminent Philosophers

Therefore it is a mistake to say that he had read nothing except the Medea of Euripides, which some have asserted to be the work of Neophron of Sicyon. Greek Text

 15 fr 1 Sn – Neophron, Medea – Tragicorum Graecorum Fragmenta 1, pp. 92-3, ed. B. Snell. Göttingen 1971.

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