P. 429

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Telephus, son of Hercules, killed Hippothous and Nerea, son of his grandmother.  Latin Text

Aristotle, Poetics 24.1460a

or in the Mysians the man who came from Tegea to Mysia without speaking.  Greek Text

♠ Euripides, Telephos 17 GLP (Select Papyri III) ed. D. L. Page. London 1941.

Strabo 13.1.69

and the story told is that Teuthras was king of the Cilicians and Mysians. Euripides says that Auge, with her child Telephus, was put by Aleus, her father, into a chest and submerged in the sea when he had detected her ruin by Heracles, but that by the providence of Athena the chest was carried across the sea and cast ashore at the mouth of the Caïcus, and that Teuthras rescued the prisoners, and treated the mother as his wife and the child as his own son.  Greek Text

Euripides, Auge, pp. 436-37 N² – Tragicorum Graecorum Fragmenta, ed. A. Nauck, 2nd ed. Leipzig 1889.

Latin Text

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