Chapter 14, Thebes

Table of Contents

Death of Aktaion, Boston, Museum of Fine Arts 00.346

Kadmos (page 467)

Semele and Io (page 473 lower)

Aktaion (page 478 lower)

Agaue and Pentheus (page 481 lower)

Antiope, Amphion, and Zethos (page 483 lower)

Laios (page 488 lower)

Oidipous (page 492)

Polyneikes and Eteokles (page 502 lower)

Adrastos, Eriphyle, and Amphiaraos (page 506 lower)

The Expedition of the Seven (page 510 lower)

Antigone and the Burial of the Seven (page 520)

The Epigonoi (page 522 lower)

Alkmaion and Eriphyle (page 526 (with art)

Teiresias (page 528 lower)

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