Minor Divinities (page 135 lower)

Chapter 3: Olympos, the Underworld, and Minor Divinities

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♠ Hesiod fr 10a.17-19 (olim 123)

♠ Hesiod fr 10b MW

♠ Hesiod fr 10a.13 MW

Nonnos, Dionysiaka 14.105-17

And the horned Satyrs were commanded by these leaders: Poemenios and Thiasos, Hypsiceros and Orestes, and Phlegraios with horned Napaios. There was Gemon, there was bold Lycon armed; playful Phereus followed laughing tippling Petraios, hillranging Lamis marched with Lenobios, and Scirtos tripping along beside Oistos. With Pherespondos walked Lycos the loudvoiced herald, and Pronomos renowned for intelligence – all sons of Hermes, when he had joined Iphthime to himself in secret union. She was the daughter of Doros, himself sprung from Zeus and a root of the race of Hellen, and Doros was ancestor whence came the Achaian blood of the Dorian tribe.  Greek Text

Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite 5.262-63

and with them the Sileni and the sharp-eyed Slayer of Argus mate in the depths of pleasant caves.  Greek Text


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