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Olympia BE 11a: bronze plaque with Kaineus and Centaurs


Illustration pp. 100-101 from G.E. Hatzi, The Archaeological Museum of Olympia (2008)


Florence, Museo Archeologico Nazionale 4209: Attic black-figure volute krater from Chiusi (François Krater) with Kaineus and Centaurs


A. Furtwaengler and K. Reichhold, Griechische Vasenmalerei: Auswahl hervorragender Vasenbilder (Serie I, Tafel 1-60, 1904), detail of pl. 11

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Side B of François Krater, with Kaineus and Centaurs depicted on left side of lower frieze of vase’s neck

Athens, Hephaisteion, west frieze with wedding of Peirithoos, including Kaineus and Centaurs


Photo from flickr of west facade of Hephaisteion, showing interior west frieze over opisthodomos (back porch); figures of Kaineus and Centaurs are visible between third and fourth columns of exterior Doric peristyle (colonnade)

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Photo by S.A. Watson showing frieze slab with Kaineus and Centaurs


Detail of slab 2 with Kaineus and Centaurs, from C.H. Morgan, “The Sculptures of the Hephaisteion II. The Friezes,” Hesperia vol. 31.3, 1962, pl. 80b

London, British Museum: interior frieze with wedding of Peirithoos, including Kaineus and Centaurs, from temple of Apollo, Bassai (for more information on this temple and frieze, see p. 280 above)


Block with Kaineus and Centaurs in British Museum

Laureion, Archaeological Museum 1219B: frieze block from pronaos of temple of Poseidon, Sounion with Kaineus and Centaurs


Fig. 11.4 from I. Leventi, “Interpretations of the Ionic Frieze of the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion,” in Structure, Image, Ornament: Architectural Sculpture in the Greek World (2009), p. 123

Information on pronaos frieze

Edited by Frances Van Keuren, Prof. Emerita, Lamar Dodd School of Art, Univ. of Georgi, July 2016.

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