LP – Poetarum Lesbiorum Fragmenta

LP – Poetarum Lesbiorum Fragmenta, ed. E. Lobel and D.L. Page. Oxford 1955.

New Translations

Sappho 198 LP – p. 105

Sappho traces Eros back to Gaia and Ouranos.

Alkaios said that Eros was the son of Iris and Zephyros, Sappho the son of Aphrodite and Ouranos.

Sappho from Lesbos sang many things and not all in agreement with other poets regarding Eros. (Transl. E. Bianchelli)   EMG p. 3 lower, 104

Sappho 200 LP – p. 105

Sappho says that Peitho is Aphrodite’s daughter. (Transl. E. Bianchelli)  EMG p. 104

Alkaios 349 LP –  p. 271

Alkaios sang the birth of Hephaistos. (Transl. E. Bianchelli) EGM p. 75

Alkaios 441 LP – p. 290

and Alkaios says that the Phaiacians derive their origin from the blood of Ouranos. (Transl. E. Bianchelli)   EMG p. 16 upper

Alkaios 443 LP – p. 291

Alkaios says that the Hydra has nine heads, Simonides that it has fifty heads. (Transl. E. Bianchelli) EGM p. 23

Alkaios 447 LP – p. 291

Alkaios introduces Hermes as the cup-bearer of the gods, and so does Sappho…  (Transl. E. Bianchelli)  EMG p. 111



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