The Titans (page 28, with art)

Chapter 1: The Early Gods Previous Page    Table of Contents    Next Page ♠ Homer, Iliad 18.398-99 had not Eurynome and Thetis received me into their bosom—Eurynome, daughter of backward-flowing Oceanus. Greek Text ♠ Homer, Iliad 14.205-7 Them [Oceanus and Thetys] am I faring to visit, and will loose for them their endless strife, since now … Continue reading The Titans (page 28, with art)

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The Titans (page 27 lower)

Chapter 1: The Early Gods  Previous Page    Table of Contents    Next Page ♠ Hesiod, Theogony 791-92 he winds about the earth and the sea’s wide back, and then falls into the main; but the tenth flows out from a rock, a sore trouble to the gods. Greek text ♠ Homer, Odyssey 11.13-19 She … Continue reading The Titans (page 27 lower)

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